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Our Wholesale B2B addon feature empowers you as a Seller to create and sell wholesale products, set quantity-based pricing, and streamline the purchasing process for customers seeking bulk quantities at discounted prices.

  • Fosters a seamless wholesale experience, leading to increased sales opportunities and customer satisfaction.

  • It's FREE with your usage of our B2C platform!

  • Wholesale Product Creation: Sellers (You!) can easily create wholesale products within your Store. These products are specifically designated for wholesale transactions.

  • Intuitive Product Search: Users can search for specific products or explore categories using smart filters to find desired items quickly.

  • Wholesale Pricing Management: It provides an intuitive interface for administrators or sellers to manage and update wholesale pricing. This includes defining the price breakpoints at different quantities and assigning corresponding prices.

  • Bulk Purchasing: Customers can conveniently browse and purchase wholesale products in bulk quantities. Your Store will reflect the discounted wholesale prices based on the quantity selected by the customer.

  • Minimum Order Quantity (MoQ): You as a Seller can set a minimum order quantity requirement for wholesale products. This ensures that customers meet the specified quantity threshold to avail themselves of wholesale pricing.

  • Pricing Display: Wholesale prices are clearly displayed on the product pages, allowing customers to quickly identify and compare the discounted prices at different quantity levels. This transparency aids customers in making informed purchasing decisions.

  • Quantity Selection: It provides an intuitive quantity selection mechanism during the ordering process. Customers can easily specify the desired quantity of wholesale products they wish to purchase.

  • Order Management: We have incorporated comprehensive order management functionality to handle wholesale orders. This includes tracking bulk shipments, generating invoices, and managing customer communications.

  • Import/Export B2B Products: It includes the ability to import and export B2B products data. This feature allows you as a Seller to efficiently manage your wholesale product catalog by importing product information from external sources or exporting it for backup or analysis purposes.

  • Shop by Filtering B2B Products: This functionality helps streamline the shopping experience for customers, allowing them to quickly locate the desired wholesale products.

  • ...with this feature, customers can easily navigate and find specific B2B products by applying filters. These filters can be based on various attributes such as

    • product category

    • price range

    • quantity range

    • or any other relevant criteria.

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