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Blockchain/Web3 (dev)

DISCLAIMER: We are in no way connected to the Polygon organization.


Web3 Integrations


Toolchain & Integrations


MIT (licensing)

Smart Contracts

We have integrated:

ETH Shapella Upgrade (April 12, 2023)



Designed. Coded. Built. Deployed.

Our Motivation

  • We're simplifying our workflows by launching contracts on-chain.
  • Experienced Team determined to make it happen.
  • Our project must be sufficiently de-centralized and it is.

The Blockchain Project

  • Focused Blockchain-integrations.
  • Product development-led project.
  • Fully DeFi dApp API-powered & Integrated.
  • Ideated, designed, coded, integrated & built a full-on backend.
  • Ideated, designed, coded, integrated & built full-on backends.
  • Integrated a highly-secured API system.
  • The entire codebase is fully test-driven.
  • Wrote a full test suite for the backend & deployed.
  • Integrated on a Blockchain that's fully OOP-compliant.
  • Deployed custom dApps to production.
  • Custom Smart Contracts: ERC20, ERC-721, ERC-1155.
  • Integrated with a real-time connected peer-to-peer (p2p) server with a pub/sub implementation.
  • Signed Transactions with cryptography and digital signature.
  • Included transactions in core blocks of the chain.
  • 100% in-house built and custom-coded from scratch.
  • See Blockchain section for all details.

Our Token

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...demo Token (our testbed)


Custom Blockchain (coming soon!)