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Remote...& Hybrid Work: What do we offer you?

    • Covid-19 vaccinations up to and including the latest boosters are required for any in-person meetings or in-office or any/all onsite work at client sites must be on record. HIPAA-protection applies.
    • Flu vaccines for each flu season must be on-record for all teammates.
    • No exceptions to the 2 above requirements.
    • HIPAA certifications must be in place before contract/hire start.
  • We offer to allow for work/life balance by offering all our teammates voluntary REMOTE & HYBRID work.
  • Please note that you must sign onto work at onsite customer locations & in-office meetings or conferences, if and when required.
  • We negotiate with our clients on behalf of all our teammates to allow for clearly-defined options UP-FRONT.
  • A strict 4-day work week after 90 days to actually allow productivity to soar during it and give our teammates, who we consider as friends working with us, to gain life/work balance.
  • To us, these are core benefits for all our teammates who we consider as key stakeholders.
  • Secured custom VPN & work portals.
  • Huge Training Courses & other infrastructure to help our Team thrive.
  • Complete admin/work infrastructure, toolchain and more.

Partnered ... Team Portal

Note: restricted access for internal partnered staff, contractors, vendors & clients
  • We always make sure we treat all our teammates, contractors, vendors and clients with dignity and fairness. It's a requirement we adhere to with high degree of "conscious" and voluntary due diligence as professional work-world courtesy.
  • We make our interactions fun, exciting, no-drama & never draconian. This motivates all of us!

All-Included ...Infrastructure Tools

  • Team Portal with our custom tools...
    • AI-Powered & Integrated
    • Fully "Gamified" Portal
    • Sales Rooms (custom)
    • CRM (custom)

  • MRR Charting (full segments & slicing)
  • Financial Tools
  • Team Spaces
  • Projects Portal
  • SOPs (e.g. on-boarding, reviews, etc.)
  • Other portals & board connects
  • DB tools
  • API docs

  • Leads-Generation Tools
  • Accounting/Financial Tools
  • Learning (over 250k courses w/certificates awarded!)
  • ChatGPT advanced GPT tools
  • Secured VPN
  • Security tools
  • All 2FA-secured
  • Created with partnership with Lisaiceland.
  • ...and much more all for our Team's needs to do their jobs well!
  • NOTE
    • please DO NOT try to login, register or send us any access requests if you are NOT a teammate, contractor or client working with us in any capacity.
    • we use myProjects portal for all Clients and/or Vendors partners.
    • General Questions or Support issues: If you have general questions or support issues, please open a support ticket or contact us in other ways given through our Support page.

Tools ... to Help You accelerate our Sales + Marketing!

  • Better Sales & Marketing process follow-throughs
  • Improved & deeper internal communications
  • Improved client communications system
  • Better customer experience overall
  • More internal efficiency improvements
  • Better employee well-being aka work/life balance
  • We NEVER start a mission/project and let it just hang
  • Increased rate of project success!

Team Logins (internal-only)

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Independent Contractors

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