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Financial and Operational

Updated: 03 September 2023

Dear Stakeholders,

  • We’re reaching out in the wake of the recent news surrounding Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) and Signature Bank (SB).
  • As a partner to many founders and teams across the startup ecosystem, we’re saddened by recent news about Silicon Valley Bank.

Our Exposure

  • Shopzyte (brand) by Lisaiceland (DBA) has NO exposure to SVB or SB and there are no operational consequences for us from this event.
  • We also DO NOT have any exposure to First Republic.
  • This includes Credit Suisse.
  • We do not use Silicon Valley Bank, Signature Bank or First Republic, Credit Suisse as a financial provider in any way directly or indirectly, meaning funds being raised now or in the future are not affected in any way.

Looking Forward

  • Your investment in the startup community over the years has been integral in driving growth and democratizing investing.
  • Despite these on-going challenges due to the long-term collapse of aggressive regulatory frameworks in the USA and abroad, we know the overall Tech community remains a critical part of the startup ecosystem and we’re thankful for your continued support.
  • We'll update this statement page from time to time to reflect newer public info.
Last modified 2mo ago