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  • Use this Partnered Support page for all queries, feedback & opening tickets & more.
  • Our Partnered Support framework is based on you opening a Support Ticket for...
    • Shopzyte (Marketplace brand)
    • HotBuyz (brand, 80% OFF sitewide!)
    • PLUS Boosts (Boosts brand)
    • Smarter AI (AI brand)
    • Lisaiceland (DBA & core brand)
    • Hire US (Consulting & R & D brand)
    • Partnered Brands (Joint Promotions brand)
    • ...note that all our Partnered Brands sites for Partnered Support lead to this page!
  • ALL Shopping Users (aka Customers & Buyers) for B2C & B2B
    • Please use in-app Support system to interact with your Sellers/Shops.
    • Registration and Login required.
  • ALL ERP, B2B, B2C, NFTs & eHealth Vendors/Sellers/Shops
    • Click Below... to Open a Support Ticket
  • Send support email to [email protected]​
  • Your Support Ticket is created with notifications.

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