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Zero DevOps


The true cost of managing test environments

  • Managing development/QA environments is a hassle. Automation is key to reliable QA cycles.

200% More Bugs

  • More bugs are introduced due to the lack of automation, outdated libraries, data issues or server resource constraints.

Time Wasted

  • Teams waste time managing environments and dealing with environment specific bugs.
  • A single bug can cause a ripple effect taking time from QA teams, product managers and developers.

Impacts Delivery Timelines

  • A single lost QA cycle due to environment specific issues can affect delivery timelines.

Scalability Issues

  • As you add more team members and products you also need to commission and maintain more servers.


We Set Up
  • INSTANT Setups
  • One Click Environments (containers)
  • Faster Acceptance Testing
  • 35-50% DevOps Savings
- Less Bugs
  • We Connect The Repos
  • ...create Pull/Merge Req
  • The VMs are test ready! (custom URLs)
  • Unique URL for Each Microservice!

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