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Climate Mitigation📍

1.5% of Gross + 10% of net profits.
Our last decade to prevent 2.7 °F degrees (1.5 °C) warming. Source Link HERE


  • For Climate Emergency Mitigation: 1.5% of Gross + 10% of net profits.
  • In addition to this, we host Green & Contactless Remote wherever we can.
  • The Best Marketplace, eCommerce Brands and Business Experience.
  • You run your store on our SaaS (aka software-as-a-service) platform.
  • We do all the back-office IT, security, design, coding, builds, integrations and ops heavy-lifting.
  • You save tons of money compared to other platforms.
  • ALL features included. NO upsells.
  • Your customers buy from you to save lots.
  • Be the change with us!
  • You're DIRECTLY helping Climate Emergency Mitigation.
  • It's part of our Mission, Values & Vision!


  • Get up to 50% OFF on all B2B plans (yearly). B2C is $0 for usage with FLAT 6% per transaction (1.5 climate, 4.5% for payment gateways clearing and platform upkeep). Simple.
  • We contribute 1.5% of our total eCommerce Platform SaaS revenue to help mitigate the very real danger of climate catastrophe we're all facing across our entire planet.
  • On top of this, we also spend an extra 10% from our profits as well on worthy causes!

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