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Mission Vision Values📍

People. Values. Ethics. Means Everything.


"We're united to deliver for you, the SELLER along with all your USERS and AFFILIATES the lowest-cost plans with a seamless intuitive experience to signup, create, sell, deliver products & access amazing value-added services."


Our core requirement was to lower the entry barrier for new & existing Sellers and entrepreneurs ... and make it drop-dead simple to get started & use.


  • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).
  • We always maintain ACTIVE security measures infrastructure.
  • Clear. Concise. Innovative. Iterative.
  • Real Software. Real People.

  • How we treat others...
    • Be the type of person you want to meet.
  • Compare overall value for money. You get more with us!
  • We follow a Platinum Rule:
    • Deliver EXACTLY what we advertise in perfect working order to you.
    • You support us for giving you the best system/price.

  • All *marketplace* features with no upsells of any core features.
  • Boost products and services to enhance seller's overall business.
  • 100% transparent up to 50% OFF continuously-discounted Pricing
(see ERP to start!)
  • Fast signup infrastructure.
  • Provide Docs and content that help seller, user and delivery folks to do their functions better, faster and more intuitively.

  • Be a friendly place to setup a shop, sell products & make customers happy.
  • Allow anyone to setup shop AND to shop.
  • To be always clear, concise & transparent at all times.
  • Practice real meaningful diversity in hiring. That's a strength & not a weakness.
  • Pay real living wages to staff on our payroll & treat vendors fairly.
  • Offer fully remote & hybrid roles and secure systems to allow work/life balance.

  • Safety, privacy-first platform for all users at all times.
  • Compliant from every angle possible (KYC, AML, ADA, GDPR, CCPA, GRC and more).
  • Boost Products and Services. i.e. Making your business grow to the next level.
  • Easy training to get going. FREE, premium courses & learning docs.
  • Mobile Apps for User, Seller/Store and Delivery Specialist (aka Driver).
  • Affiliates are always welcome. Easy signup. B2C & B2B.

  • Secure, maintained & backed by a qualified and dedicated team.
  • We're always striving to make the platform better.
  • Your feedback is valued & very helpful to us.

  • Actively contribute to Climate Mitigation with our earnings. 1.5% from our gross earnings (through Stripe) & an extra 10% from our net profits (overall) to worthy causes.

We Build Real Products & Services

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