On-Prem & Whitelabel

100% DFY Custom Setup


100% White Label

  • White label crypto payment gateway.

  • Both the checkout and admin areas can be branded with your logo, themes, CSS, everything is customizable.


  • No 3rd party services, no registration, no KYC process.

  • You are entirely in control of your money.

  • Start accepting Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and other cryptocurrencies as a way of payment.

  • Our on-premises software is installed on your server and you are the only one to control your money.

No Middlemen

  • Your own server 100%. Your logins. All. Yours.

Monthly or One-Time Fee

  • We host for you or You Host. You decide.

  • We Host...

    • $49.99/mo and we host it for you with your custom server & your superadmin after handover.

    • It's under your control 100%.

    • We license you the server & software.

    • Everything else is your config (e.g. your addresses, webhooks and a ton of other configs you can do yourself. You delete our login after handover. We never see or touch your server after that, except to make sure all is running smoothly for you with LIVE ops data reports.

  • Full On-Prom / Whitelabel

    • If you want 100% on your servers only, we'll install it for you and it's yours for $1499/one-time cost.

    • Your server clusters.

    • Your custom domain.

    • Installation charge is typically $149 one-time cost (need cPanel and/or FTP access & DB creds). We'll do the installation for you for FREE.

  • No cutoff due to some quirky manager not approving your KYC application. Ugh.

  • No periodic or withdrawal fees.

  • Subscribe / Order HERE.

  • Either way, you have optionally to use your own nodes.

  • Monitor the Blockchain and generate payment addresses.

  • ...and a ton of other custom configs under your control.

Redundant Blockchain Explorers

  • If you don't use your own nodes, that's fine!

  • Your server will still be powered by 3 to 5 redundant Blockchain explorers for each cryptocurrency.

  • If one fails or reaches the limit, another explorer is used automatically.

    • Fault-tolerant software

    • 99.999% uptime

    • Powered by Memepool, Etherscan, Dogechain and more native blockchains.

Coins for Payments

  • You can now Pay with Shiba Inu!

  • Get paid in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more.

  • We use this system ourselves with 11 coins.

  • More cryptocurrencies are coming soon.


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