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Background...know your options!

Adoption of cryptocurrencies is outpacing other parts of the internet.

Because of its revolutionary potential, small companies are keen to embrace cryptocurrency payments.


  • Fees are ridiculously cheap to connect out to millions of previously undiscovered overseas customers.

  • Security against centralized processors

  • There are no chargebacks or blocked money.

  • Invest in deflationary currencies that will appreciate in value.

  • and much more!

  • However, 99% of small companies do not have a straightforward means to take cryptocurrencies.

  • Our platform allows your business anywhere in the world to sell digital or physical products with cryptocurrency checkout fast & easy.

  • Create gorgeous sales sites with templates and auto-delivers products after crypto purchase.

Revolutionary Cryptocurrency Payments Widget

Accept Cryptocurrencies Now: We allow your business anywhere to quickly accept cryptocurrency in a variety of easy ways for your products and services.

Widget: Our checkout widget allows your customers to pay in crypto in few hassle-free clicks and can be installed anywhere on any page fast and very easily.

Accept Cryptocurrency, StableCoins, and Fiat in the Most Ways Possible

Easy Settings: You can connect multiple crypto payment providers / gateways and choose which ones you want to use to accept cryptocurrency as payment.

Multiple Coins: Allow customers to pay in crypto in many different ways for the highest conversions possible. They can pay via wallet address or through a centeralized service like PayPal crypto checkout. We have integrations to allow all the most popular coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, SHIB, Dogecoin and may others plus ‘stablecoins’ like USDT and even regular fiat USD.

'Web3-Style' DFY Pages Templates

Modern: You can create modern web3-style product order pages for your business from our huge selection of DFY templates in all the most popular niches most likely to accept cryptocurrency. See below for more info on this page!

We cater to your business type: SMBs welcome! We help your business like yoga studio, pet supply business, info-marketer and more to quickly set up and sell products with cryptocurrencies online with high converting DFY sites needed for better conversions today.

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