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📍 Projects (mgmt)

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  • Zero Coding.
  • Multi-Workspace
    • Manage your entire project flow. Easy. Intuitive.
    • Allows users to create and manage multiple workspaces within the ERP system.
    • Each workspace functions as a separate environment where specific teams or departments can collaborate and work on their respective tasks.
    • For example, you might have a workspace for accounting, another for human resources, and so on. Multi-workspace functionality helps keep data and processes organized and enables efficient communication and coordination across different parts of the organization.
  • Dashboards
    • Simplifies the management of dashboards based on subscribed add-ons within the company.
    • This means that specific add-ons such as “Project”, ”Accounting”, ”HRM”, ”CRM”, ”POS”, ”Support Tickets”, ”Sales”, and ”Rotas” will have dedicated dashboards showcasing all relevant details.
    • The active add-ons determine which dashboard is visible, allowing businesses to focus on the specific information and functionalities they require.
  • Projects and Project Reports
    • Using project module, you can seamlessly initiate new projects and designate dedicated teams for each endeavor.
    • Extend invitations to numerous team members for collaborative efforts, while also facilitating client involvement in these projects.
    • The adaptable permissions and controls empower you to finely manage client access. Define project budgets and set significant milestones, enhancing organizational clarity.
    • Cost and summary data can be affixed to these milestones, with their progress conveniently updated via a dropdown menu.
    • Real-time project activities can be tracked through a dedicated tab, complemented by a graphical representation that facilitates easy progress monitoring.
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Payment Gateways/Systems


  • USA & Canada
  • Mexico
  • Central America
  • South America
  • EU
  • Non-EU
  • KSA
  • Bahrain
  • GCC
  • Africa
  • Asia
  • BDT
  • RUB
  • India


  • Take Crypto payments using CoinGate.


  • Cover every major area globally!
  • Use YOUR credentials to invoice & handle any other payment from your clients base. Yes, we've made it that easy for you!
  • And...more Payment Gateways coming in 2024+!
(see Add-Ons and Roadmap for more details)
  • AI
    • The AI module is a transformative feature that integrates artificial intelligence capabilities across various modules, enhancing efficiency and effectiveness throughout the platform.
    • By harnessing the power of AI’s predictive analytics, automation, and intelligent insights, this module elevates user experiences and outcomes across functions like employee management, CRM, financial management, project management, HRM, POS, inventory management, data analytics, and reporting.
    • With AI, businesses can make data-driven decisions, automate processes, and adapt to changing scenarios with greater accuracy and agility, making it an invaluable asset across our suite of products.
  • Messenger
    • Effective communication is a vital cornerstone of any business.
    • ERP Plus offers a user-friendly Messenger Module that ensures direct and consistent interaction with users and clients, fostering seamless and immediate communication.
  • Customizability
    • Upon purchasing add-ons like “Project”, “HRM”, ”CRM”, ”Support Ticket”, and ”Sales,” the users can access the system setup within each Add-on.
    • This allows for quick configuration of essential elements such as branches, departments, leads, account types, and more, aligning with the specific features and functionalities offered by each module.
    • These setup options streamline the initial configuration process, enabling users to swiftly customize the system according to their organizational requirements within the respective Add-on modules.
  • User Roles
    • With the multi-user feature, you can assign roles to clients, staff, and vendors.
    • This enables you to manage their permissions and control their access to specific parameters, ensuring streamlined and secure collaboration within the system.
  • Products & Services
    • The Product and Service module offers a comprehensive insight into procured products and services, encompassing warehouse particulars.
    • This enables effortless import of product and service data through a .csv file. These details are readily accessible and intelligible, presented in user-friendly lists and grid views that deliver a clear snapshot of available offerings.
    • The Setup option empowers users to craft, update, and remove categories while selecting distinctive colors for “Product & Services Category,” “Invoice/Proposal/Revenue Category,” “Tax,” and “Unit.”
    • Specific categories are automatically incorporated upon add-on acquisition and feature inclusion. Within this segment, the product stock function facilitates inputting product quantities, and new product and service creation is seamlessly managed via this module.
    • Customize YOUR ERP!
  • Proposals with QR code
    • The Proposal Module is a tool that helps you make special offers or suggestions to people who might want to buy things from you.
    • It’s like creating a detailed plan that shows what you’re offering, how much it costs, and all the important details.
    • This tool makes it easier to organize these plans, so you can show them to customers. It helps keep track of everything and talk to customers about what they want.
    • Just imagine it as a way to make deals and communicate better with your clients. And there’s even a QR code feature that adds a special code to the proposals for easy access!
  • Invoice with QR code
    • The invoice module is a document issued by you to request payment for goods or services provided to a client or customer.
    • It includes details such as the itemized list of products or services, quantities, prices, applicable taxes, payment terms, the total amount due, and the due date.
    • Here, new invoices can be created or converted from the proposal. The invoice module facilitates the creation, management, and tracking of invoices, and allows accurate record-keeping.
    • It can generate invoices based on sales orders, handle adjustments, and provide reports for financial analysis and reconciliation.
    • Additionally, it helps streamline the overall invoicing workflow, improving efficiency and reducing errors in the billing process.

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