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🟢 WhatsApp API


  • No coding required.
  • ERP Plus seamlessly integrates the WhatsApp API.
  • This integration allows users to send WhatsApp messages triggered by specific events within the application.
  • In the settings section, users have the ability to customize and manage event notifications by toggling them on or off as per their preferences.
  • This feature enhances user engagement and facilitates efficient communication through WhatsApp messaging within our ERP Plus Marketplace platform.

Integrations Settings Page

  • Enhance your ERP Plus experience with our customizable WhatsApp event notifications feature.
  • Tailor your alerts by toggling events on and off, empowering users to stay connected and informed through seamless WhatsApp integration.
  • Easily configure credentials for the WhatsApp API and manage event preferences within the settings section, ensuring a personalized and efficient communication workflow within your application.

Use with Modules

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