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🟢 Google Drive

Google Drive

  • No coding required.
  • Discover the freedom of accessing your Google Drive files directly from ERP Plus.
  • No more switching between applications or dealing with cumbersome downloads.
  • With this integration, your Google Drive documents, files, and folders are at your fingertips, effortlessly accessible within the ERP Plus user interface.
  • Edit and view a wide range of file types – from Word documents to Excel spreadsheets, text files, and images – using the Google File Viewer/Editor, all without the need to save files locally.

Integrations Settings Page

  • Streamline your tasks and boost productivity by seamlessly integrating Google Drive into your ERP Plus.
  • Upload your Google Drive credential JSON, choose submodules to enable, and enjoy direct access to your documents and files.
  • Say goodbye to unnecessary app switching and cumbersome downloads – effortlessly edit and view various file types right within the intuitive user interface.
  • To learn how to generate the JSON file:
    • click on this LINK to learn more.
    • go to this LINK ( to to generate the JSON file.
    • Pick your Google Project for billing purposes with Google and in Search bar enter Google Drive API. Open that page and Enable the Google Drive API.
    • Once enabled, you can generate the JSON file for your GDrive and then enter that into your Settings page. That's it.
  • After you complete this process, you will get a chance to enable/disable this setting for various modules. The listing is all given in the Settings page for Google Drive.

Elevate Your Google Drive Experience

  • Experience a new level of file management and collaboration with ERP Plus' Google Drive Integration.
  • Explore files and images in stunning visual grids, simplify navigation with organized lists, and link Google Drive folders to submodules for enhanced collaboration and organization.
  • Elevate your workflow with seamless access, effortless editing, and precision-driven integration – all within the intuitive ERP Plus platform.

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