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Airdrops (FREE tokens!)

Get FREE Tokens!


(1) Sign Up for Airdrops

  • 100% Anonymous!

(2) For when Drops happen!

  • Flat Quantity given away to everyone!
  • Special Quantity reserved for Investors.
  • No purchase necessary.
  • Claim here
(NOTE: the Claim link will be posted here as the Airdrops become available)

Easy Access

  1. 1.
    The commission/drop is split between all recipients.
  2. 2.
    You'll get a claim URL hub link posted on this page.
  3. 3.
    Process using your private Metamask with the super low gas fees.
  4. 4.
    Voila! Claim your drop = FREE Tokens.

Our Token

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What's an Airdrop?

  • In the cryptocurrency and blockchain ecosystem, the term “Airdrop” refers to the distribution of digital assets to the public, either by virtue of holding a certain other token or simply by virtue of being an active wallet address on a particular blockchain.
  • This is separate and distinct from the allocation of tokens or coins that happen via an ICO/ITO events.
  • During ICO/ITOs, the digital asset being offered is typically purchased using an alternate coin or token.
  • In the case of airdrops, there is no purchase required from the recipient, meaning that the assets are distributed for free.
  • The way in which airdrops typically work is that in order to be eligible, a user must hold a certain amount of the asset in a public wallet at the time of the snapshot that is taken as a view of the current state of the blockchain at that particular point in time.
  • For example, OmiseGo performed an airdrop to Ether holders on the Ethereum blockchain in July of 2017, distributing 5% of the total number of OmiseGo tokens at a ratio of 0.075 OMG per ETH to all wallets holding more than 0.1 ETH at the time of the snapshot.
  • Airdrops, along with forks, have been considered by some as a kind of dividend payment earned by holding a digital asset, insofar as it is an additional premium paid out to token holders on a pro-rata basis.


Our Airdrop Features

  • Audited Smart Contracts.
  • Get FREE token with participation.
  • We use Airdrops as a marketing tool in order to...
    • raise awareness of our Token that is being distributed and
    • diversifying the number of holders of the asset.
  • Our own custom dApp with audited Smart Contract is...
    • very cost-effective as we use our own in-house audited custom-coded Smart Contract,
    • immutable secure system,
    • verified on the PolygonScan &
    • reviewed/audited Smart Contracts.
  • Awesome Airdrops
    • Frequent Drops!
    • Get more Tokens.
    • We may increase amounts with each drop!
    • DO NOT miss out!
  • On-Chain withdrawals.

Transaction (check by Txn Hash)

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