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Token (get FREE!)📍

PolySky: Innovate. Iterate. Repeat.


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NOTE: Please be sure to check the Verification of our Token and Blockchain at all times. We pride ourselves to maintain the highest coding, security and checking verifications standards. Smart Contracts that are NOT security-verified by PolygonScan or with notices of changes (e.g. constructor) are done by someone other than us on Tokens published. We DO NOT support those contracts! Please contact us for any clarifications on our Support page.


Our Token (verified)

Our Smart Contracts (verified)

FREE Tokens!

Token Details

Our Motivation

  • Our project must be sufficiently de-centralized and it is.
  • We're simplifying all our platform workflows by launching contracts on-chain.
  • Experienced Team determined to make it happen.
  • To develop the Token & its related Blockchain project independently and then connect it to Shopzyte eLe platform to allow it to scale with it.

To Disrupt

  • PolySky is a token that is destined to change and disrupt the traditional token economy and do it for the better for ALL people, investors, whales, governments & companies.
  • It will provide users with a secure and transparent environment to transact on, while providing users with the ability to stake, link and exchange.
  • Our core is the unique SRBM, which is unique in the industry and will allow the growth of 2 tokens simultaneously that otherwise will NOT happen in the natural course of time.
  • See our Whitepaper for more.

Core Features

  • Unique & useful Token
  • SRBM Master
  • Fixed supply (initial minted only).
  • No new minting (function locked).
  • DeFi dApps
  • ​Whitepaper ​
  • (aka explains Token "utility" or its raison d'etre)
  • ​Tokenomics (clear, concise)
  • Airdrops (i.e. receive FREE Tokens!)
  • Invest (see terms in Invest Portal)
  • Built on Polygon Layer-2 Blockchain.
  • Secure on-chain
  • Secure cross-chain bridge.
  • For unique use-cases...
    • Bulk-Sell (aka wholesale)
    • Retail (general supply-chains)
    • Token can be utilized across supply-chains.
    • (i.e. see Whitepaper for more)
  • Mineable
  • (see below for more uniqueness!)
  • Burnable
    • (community governance, when/how much)
    • Active Burn events.
  • Main reasons we chose Polygon Blockchain is...
    • Polygon uses its own Proof-of-Stake (PoS) blockchain and Commit Chain connectivity.
    • This helps scale the Ethereum network tremendously (we're NOT kidding), and seeks to solve inefficiencies that may hinder widespread adoption of blockchain technology.
    • Gas prices to deploy Smart Contracts & make updates e.g. transfer and other transactions comparison for Ethereum vs. Polygon: $hundreds vs. $cents
    • Vibrant Developer experience for our Team.
  • Lowest transaction fees.
  • Best of Web3 & Web 3.0 (aka latest Internet version)
  • Invest(ments) release targets already developed.
  • Already in production (i.e. LIVE)...
    • Web 3.0 Infrastructure.
    • Web3 Infrastructure.
    • Invest Admin system.
  • Cross-chain compliant.
  • Security (ZK & more).
  • Hybrid Web3/3.0 product-led project.
  • 100% Transparent Development
  • Experienced Team
  • POS but... aha! it's mineable like Polygon itself!
  • (indirect mining using unMineable)


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