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Custom Blockchain SaaS

Coming Soon!


Under Active Development


  • To have a completely-independent Blockchain for a new Blockchain-stamping solution for multiple use-cases.
  • Connected to our On-Chain Docs and use-case to Fpagight Fake News projects.

Core Features

  • Full Layer-1 native implementation.
  • SaaS w/front/backend with...
    • Certified Docs on the Blockchain
    • Stamp ANY MySQl Postgres and/or API on the Blockchain
    • Use-Cases: eCommerce, Legaltech, insurtech, startups, SaaS, digital training, design and architecture studios, consultancies, agencies, etc.
    • Certify Docs SaaS (aka On-Chain Docs) more info HERE
  • Custom Coin w/ICO.
  • Coinomics.
  • Whitepaper.
  • API.
  • Landing page (explainer).
  • Invest portal.
  • Custom Mining Pool.
  • Community Governance.
  • User earnings.
  • Referral earnings.
  • Active Support
  • Docs & training.
  • (NOTE: in Beta testing and no release date announced yet)

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