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Ultimate NFT Marketplace

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What's the Magic?

  • Your NFTs. Your terms.
  • Same cost as OpenSea but much better features.
  • ERC-721 out of the box
  • In beta right now
    • imminent release coming soon (latest end of Q2 '23)
    • ERC-1155
    • Multi-chain full traversal i.e....
      • A multi-chain NFT marketplace will traverse multiple blockchains and will support trading across multiple networks.
      • It will be convenient for YOU as a user to use them simultaneously.
      • With multi-chains support unlike other marketplaces currently, contract deployment will be cost-efficient and very low.
      • Our contracts are audited and cost-efficient.
      • Deploy on multi chains or multi networks and create NFTs on all of them with ease!


  • Awesome NFT marketplace.
  • Connect your (any) physical product with YOUR NFT(s).
  • Bada Boom! Then sell the NFT(s) in our marketplace!
  • 2.5% transaction fee per sale. Easy as pie!
  • Unique innovations not found on other platforms!
  • Advanced integrations & very intuitive.
  • We know that creating an NFT was never an easy task.
  • Our marketplace makes it SUPER EASY for you!
  • Supports auctions.
  • Blockchain
    • Current Smart Contracts deployed on Polygon.
    • ERC-721 and ERC-1155token standards.
    • (721 is currently turned on)
    • Multi-Chain capable (coding 100% done).
    • (Polygon blockchain is currently turned on)

🟡 PLUS...Active Upgrades

  • ERC-1155
    • Coding, integrations & testing are all complete.
    • We'll turn it on Q2 2023.
  • Multi-Chain full traversal
    • Coding, integrations & testing are all complete.
    • We'll turn it on Q2 2023.
  • Please see Development for more details.

...more features

  • Mint/Create NFT
    • Allows users to mint an NFT on a deployed smart contract.
  • Media Types
    • JPG, PNG, AVIF, GIF, WEBP, GLB, MP4 or MP3.
    • Max 50 mb.
  • PDFs or Other Content
    • Mint your NFT by unique file type connected to a Smart Contract.
    • PDFs or any other type of content...use links in unlockable content!
  • Smart Contracts
    • Smart Contracts deployed on Polygon mainnet.
      • Note: Polygon is a Layer-2 scaling solution created to help bring mass adoption to the Ethereum platform.
      • It caters to the diverse needs of developers by providing tools to create scalable decentralized applications (dApps) that prioritize performance, user experience (UX), and security.
    • Polygon has ease of handling the create & deploy NFT process.
    • Smart contracts deployed on Polygon are fast, economical and eco-friendly.
    • We'll be adding other networks soon. See Development.
  • We store on IPFS
    • For its powerful suite of high availability blockchain APIs.
    • IPFS for its developer tools for us to develop Web3 dApps on.
  • Predefined Smart Contracts Networks
    • Fast Start
      • Put an NFT on sale for the very first time.
    • Re-Sale
      • Users who buy NFTs from our NFT marketplace can again put them on sale paying specific gas fees.


  • Multiple Blockchains
    • Yes, we're talking about Multi-Chain!
    • (coming soon ETA early Q2 2023)
  • Remove from sale
    • Users who created or minted an NFT can put down their NFT from sale and make it not available for sale
  • Free Minting / Lazy minting
    • It's an integrated feature. Users to create their NFTs free (without a gas fee).
    • Gas fee is paid by the buyer who buys that NFT.
...see more details
  • Unlockable Content
    • Unlockable contents are links/texts/paragraphs that are created during minting an NFT and which is seen only by the current owner.
  • Likes
    • Shows like counts for an NFT created in a single instance by a wallet address.
  • Sharing
    • Sharing NFTs on different platforms and copy links.
  • Owners and Creators
    • This Shows the creator of the NFT and the current owner of it.
  • All NFT Page
    • Shows all of the NFTs in the current active contracts with intuitive filters.
  • Enhanced NFT filters
  • Multi-Lingual
  • Resell NFTs
  • Owners public profile page
    • Shows a profile against a wallet address.
  • Profile Edit
    • Owners can edit their profile from front end without login to wp-admin.
  • Profile Social icons
    • Shows social icons of a profile.
  • Profile Collections
    • Shows all NFTs of a profile purchased by that owner.
  • Shows Price + Crypto Coin Icon
  • Metamask
    • Log in and authenticate with Metamask wallet.
    • Changing wallet address makes changes in pages.
  • Coinbase (Chrome extension)
  • Easily connect with your Coinbase wallet or account.
  • Now 100% integrated into our Shopzyte NFT Marketplace.

How to Create NFT?


Blockchain Integrations

...learn more