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API Dev Portal

Standard & Federated


  • OpenAPI generation
    • Our custom platform generates automatically an OpenAPI specification for all defined routes.
    • We use TypeAPI to describe REST APIs for type-safe code generation.
    • PSX framework dedicated to build fully typed REST APIs and integrates tightly with our platform.
    • We use TypeGen to fully generate fully working and customizable APIs based on your data model
  • SDK generation Automatically generates TypeHub-based generated client SDKs for our APIs based on all defined schema.
  • Subscription support Contains an event subscription layer which helps us to build pub/sub for our APIs.
  • REST and GraphQL.
  • Federated APIs coming soon.
  • Rate limiting Provides a way to rate limit requests based on the user or app.
  • Authorization Uses OAuth2 for API-authorization.
  • RPC support. Provides RPC support i.e. every action which we/you create can be also called via JsonRPC.
  • Monetization Provides a simple payment system to charge for specific routes.
  • Validation Uses TypeSchema to automatically validate incoming request data.
  • Analytics Monitors all API activities and shows them on our admin dashboard for Support.
  • User management Provides a full-fledged API Developer Portal where YOU can login or register a new account through GitHub, Google, Facebook or through normal email registration.
  • 100% opensource tools only.
  • See Development, Changelog and Roadmap for more.

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