v2 2020


version : v2.9 (01/07/2020)

Improvements & Bug solving

  • New address book for customer.

  • Custom page create option.

  • New shipping cost options. Flat rate + seller wise flat rate option.

  • Seller product edit from the admin panel issue fixed.

  • Staff add email duplicate issue fixed.

  • Classified package purchase missing payment option added.

  • Product Search on seller panel.

  • Order filtering on seller.

  • Country select for shipping address in admin panel.

  • Refund sticker issue in product details fixed.

version : v2.8 (12/06/2020)

Improvements & Bug solving

  • Digital Products

  • Missing translation keys added

version : v2.7 (31/05/2020)

Improvements & Bug solving

  • API for mobile app

  • 2nd level category in all category page

  • Placeholder image if no shop logo uploaded

  • Customer postal code in order details

version : v2.6 (20/05/2020)

Improvements & Bug solving

  • Speed optimize - render blocking resources improved

  • Added support for mobile app

  • Sticky header

  • Review bug fix

  • Classified package purchase bug fix

version : v2.5 (14/05/2020)

New Features

  • Classified product/customer product with activate option

  • Dynamic customer subscription package create option with upload limit

  • Google translate option for translation

Improvements & Bug solving

  • New order confirmation page with clean ui

  • Paypal payment cancel issue fixed

  • Default Image for seller and customer

  • Profile image upload option for admin

  • Select all/Deselect all on newsletter

  • Sub sub category for product add/edit is now optional

version : v2.4 (24/04/2020)

  • New feature - Product Excel export from admin

  • Improvement - Product count on filter page

  • Improvement - Commission, Affiliate bonus, Club point calculation after payment status set to “paid”

version : v2.3 (18/04/2020)

  • New feature - Mailgun SMTP

  • New feature - country code selector for OTP add-on

  • Improvement - Product link and image in order details

  • Improvement - Some rtl issue fixed

  • Improvement - Login, registration ui improved

version : v2.2 (10/04/2020)

  • New feature - Bulk product upload option in admin panel

  • New feature - Bulk product upload option in seller panel

  • Improvement - Ajax product filtering in product listing page

  • Improvement - Staff permission - Add-on manager access

  • Improvement - Product details page performance improvement

  • Bug fixing - Add-on installation problem solve

  • Bug fixing - Other minor bug fixing.

version : v2.1 (27/03/2020)

Bug fixes & improvements

  • Product details page response issue fixed

  • Translation missing key added.

  • Icon font issue fixed.

  • Addon installation issue fixed

  • Variant product quantity issue fixed

  • Some rtl & ui issue fixed

version : v2.0 (16/03/2020)

New Features & improvements

  • New dynamic product attribute system. Admin can add an unlimited number of attributes. Vendors can use those attributes for their product variations.

  • New advanced filter option in product listing page. Users can filter products using the product's variation’s attribute value from the product listing page.

  • After placing an order vendor will receive an email notification for his/her product.

  • Addon system integration

  • Brand selection for product is now optional Bug solving

  • Multiple File field issue for seller verification form fixed

  • Price currency format decimal issue has been fixed

  • Product discount calculation bug has been fixed (if flash deal is enabled)

  • Duplicate cart item for one product has been fixed

  • Product listing page category accordion change

  • Mobile view menu duplicate wallet removed

  • Product carousel arrow ui & some other frontend ui improved

  • custom-style.css file added in frontend for your custom style

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