v1 2019 to 2020


version : v1.9 (17/02/2020)

What we've updated:

  • Unlimited Flash Deal (Offer) creating option to use in different banners

  • Flash deal view with new style, countdown

  • Flash deal background color option, text color option, banner option

  • Make a flash deal featured to show in homepage

  • Automatic expiration of flash deal after expiration date Improvements & Bug solving

  • Admin tables optimized by switching to improvised table with search, pagination, filter ooption -- Brand, Category, SubCategory, SubsubCategory table (search by name) -- Flash deal table (search by title) -- Support Ticket table (search by code) -- Seller Payment table, Seller Withdraw request table -- Pickup point order table -- In house product table(search by name and slug) -- Seller Product table(search by name and slug) -- Product reviews table -- Seller list table(search by name and email) -- Customer List table(search by name and email) -- Inhouse Order list table(search by order code) -- Total Sales list table(search by order code)

  • Seller profile view from admin panel seller list

  • Without seller verification approval no seller product will show

  • Without seller verification approval customer will not get anything in seller shop page

  • Admin can view the product review, total number of sale, product rating from admin panel in In-house product and Seller Product table

  • Admin can sort in house product and seller product by rating and number of sale and base price

  • Admin can filter order by payment status and delivery status

  • Admin can change seller approval from admin panel

  • Admin can filter seller by approval status

  • Speed optimization

  • Category dropdown menu show on hover

  • Non published product will not show in flash deal

  • Pickup point shipping cost issue solved

  • Related product cart modal issue solved

version : v1.8 (23/01/2020)

What we've updated:

  • Product based chatting option for customer and seller.

  • Category based commission

  • Add link on slider

  • Seller wise product filter in admin panel

  • Add ‘sendmail’ option in smtp settings

  • Guest Checkout Activation option(on/off)

  • Add Facebook Pixel Improvements & Bug solving

  • Fixed : Order details modal showing

  • Fixed : Invoice pdf column width issue

  • Fixed : Category, Sub-category, Sub-sub-category slug issue

  • Fixed : Checkout issue

  • Fixed : Google analytics issue

  • Fixed : Admin Dashboard Multi Translate

version : v1.7 (21/11/2019)

What we've updated:

  • African Payment gateway (Voguepay)

  • Product Stock without customer choice option

  • Multiple unlimited Currency add/edit/delete option

  • Select default language option.

  • Pickup point add(adding point location, select in checkout page, create pickup branch manager, order showing in pickup branch manager & admin)

  • Notification for customer, seller(new order, new review, new support reply, order status change - customer, verified seller, )

  • Seller withdraw request

  • Maintenance mode enable Improvements

  • Business Setting in staff permission

  • Social Media Login

  • Coupon remove after apply any coupon

version : v1.6 (22/08/2019)

What we've updated:

  • Paystack payment gateway for product purchasing, wallet recharge, seller payment

  • Support ticket unique id

  • Ticket status option (open, solved, pending)

  • Support ticket file attachment

  • Manual slug creating option for product category, subcategory, sub subcategory, brands

  • Meta title, meta description for product category, subcategory, sub subcategory, brands Seller payment history Improvements

  • Social media login avatar save

  • Coupon remove after applying coupon

  • Frontend UI improvement (wallet recharge and wallet pages, support, many more)

  • Redirect previous page after login

version : v1.5 (09/07/2019)

What we've updated:

  • Updated to framework 5.8

  • Add Instamojo payment gateway

  • Add Razorpay payment gateway

  • Solve minor bugs

version : v1.4 (17/06/2019)

What we've updated:

  • Coupon system (Per product and cart based)

  • Support system

  • Frontend beautification

  • Home page design improvements

  • New page : All Brand page

  • New page : All Category page

  • Improve product detail page

  • Improve frontend color theme

  • Review Ui/UX improvements.

version : v1.3 (20/05/2019)

What we've updated:

  • Order tracking system Improvements & Bug fixing

  • Mobile version improvements : Sticky header, Cart on header

  • Mobile version - improve Product box size

  • SMTP related issue has been solved

  • Registration issue

  • Order related issue

  • Meta tag issue

version : v1.2 (29/04/2019)

What we've updated:

  • RTL (Right to left) view for frontend view. Improvements & Bug fixing

  • Mobile version On mobile version we designed with new dimension as like double product box on mobile

  • config file solve the unfortunate file crash

  • Ordering mail Products ordering mail sent except SMTP setup

  • Live paypal Unfortunate live paypal payment issue has been solved!

version : v1.1 (18/04/2019)

What we've updated:

  • Wallet system - recharge

  • Product based Shipping settings : Free shipping, Local shipping, Flat rate

  • Admin administrative Facebook chat integration

  • Product Stock Reports

  • In house product sale report

  • Seller report

  • Sellers's product sale report

  • Product wish report Improvements & Bug fixing

  • Translate all language (e.g. Product title, category title etc.)

  • Image size level for all images (e.g. Slider image, banners, Category banner, Product spot based images etc.)

  • Sub SubCategory deletion notification and unplugged the related category and brand

  • Brand deletion notification and unplugged the related category and sub subcategories

  • Social Login hiding option on Registration page

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