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🟢 Plaid


  • No coding required.
  • Plaid helps businesses seamlessly connect with user-permissioned financial account data using API integrations for endless possibilities of financial apps and services.
  • Plaid is a service that provides the technology to connect your financial accounts and share their data with an app, service, or company.
  • You might choose to share your account information through Plaid in order to get access to a service or product.

API Key Integrations Settings Page

  • Plaid software operates between your financial information and financial sites where you want to receive your data.
  • Using a service like Plaid prevents financial sites from having access to all of your banking and other data.
  • Instead, you only share the specific information that you indicate.

Personal Finances Management

  • Financial institutions and lending platforms can integrate with Plaid to streamline the loan application and underwriting process.
  • By accessing an applicant's financial data through Plaid, lenders can verify income, analyze spending patterns, and assess creditworthiness more efficiently.
  • Plaid's services can be used to verify the identity of individuals during user onboarding or authentication processes.
  • By connecting to users' bank accounts, Plaid can validate their ownership and identity information.

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