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📍 Accounting (mgmt)

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  • Zero coding.
  • Customers and Vendors Access
    • Efficiently manage your customer database by generating individualized email addresses for each client.
    • This enables customers to effortlessly log in and access their invoice statuses and transaction particulars whenever necessary.
    • In addition, maintaining comprehensive records of shipping and billing addresses enhances trade convenience.
    • Correspondingly, vendors can conveniently access their bills and transaction records through their designated email addresses, ensuring a streamlined and accessible trade experience.
  • Create Account
    • Initiate account creation effortlessly and flexibly by seamlessly updating critical details such as the account holder’s name, bank name, account number, opening balance, and contact number.
    • This system allows you to easily edit this essential information as needed, providing a smooth and adaptable account management experience.

Payment Gateways/Systems


  • USA & Canada
  • Mexico
  • Central America
  • South America
  • EU
  • Non-EU
  • KSA
  • Bahrain
  • GCC
  • Africa
  • Asia
  • BDT
  • RUB
  • India


  • Take Crypto payments using CoinGate.


  • Cover every major area globally!
  • Use YOUR credentials to invoice & handle any other payment from your clients base. Yes, we've made it that easy for you!
  • And...more Payment Gateways coming in 2024+!
(see Add-Ons and Roadmap for more details)
  • Transfer Money
    • Effortlessly uphold transaction records and easily facilitate fund transfers between bank accounts using a range of convenient methods.
    • The system empowers you to effortlessly search for specific transfers through simplified options, enhancing clarity and accessibility in tracking transactions.
  • Revenue Management
    • Efficiently logs newly generated revenue by initiating the creation of new revenue entries.
    • Modify the revenue source and include relevant references for comprehensive documentation.
    • Additionally, streamline your revenue tracking by applying filters based on accounts, customers, and categories, allowing for precise and organized revenue management.
  • Manage Bills
    • Managing bills becomes a streamlined process.
    • You can effortlessly edit existing bills by adding payments, and with a simple click, download, print, or resend bills. The transition from “Draft” to “Sent” status makes bills visible to vendors, triggering email notifications to keep them in the loop.
    • Monitoring payment statuses and updating payment summaries is hassle-free. Vendors benefit from multiple payment methods, including convenient QR code scanning.
  • Payment Management
    • Efficiently record newly generated expenses by creating tailored payment entries.
    • Modify payment categories and attach relevant references to maintain a comprehensive record of expenditures.
    • Simplify expense tracking by applying filters based on accounts, customers, and categories, ensuring precision in expense management.
  • Reports
    • Unlock valuable insights with a range of reports at your disposal.
    • These encompass transaction details, account statements, income summaries, expense summaries, analyses of income versus expenses, tax summaries, profit and loss statements, invoice summaries, bill summaries, and product stock updates.
    • Download most reports in versatile formats to match your needs, and elevate analysis with exported transactions and account statements in Excel files.
    • Filters refine report data, and graphical representations of the Income vs.
    • Expense chart and comprehensive Profit and Loss calculations empower informed decision-making.
    • Tailor views of tax summaries and Income vs. Expense charts by selecting specific financial years, enabling strategic financial planning.

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