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Ultimate ERP Plus Marketplace Tool

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YOU need ERP

6 Magic Words
"EVERY Feature Included NO Expensive Upsells"

⚙️ Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

🔍What is it? It's a software-as-a-service aka SaaS platform/system that your organization utilizes to streamline and oversee daily business operations. Don't kid yourself. You need it.
This encompasses functions like accounting, procurement, HRM, POS, CRM, projects, sales, billing, supply-chain and more.
It aids in automating processes and centralizing critical business activities, offering a comprehensive view of the organization's resources and processes.
A well-built ERP system integrates and manages your primary business processes through software, technology with services, enhancing efficiency and coordination across multiple departments.
📊 Using ERP and/or CRM is a Win-Win...and they're just like two different sides of the same coin. Both of them are responsible for increasing the profitability of your company.
The primary functionalities of CRM and ERP have overlapping characteristics.
They both facilitate associations that thrust sales growth forward as the key business mission parameter.
ERP systems boost overall enterprise efficiency and performance.
🎯Consider: Many times you must choose which one you want to use.
Big Question ❓you should always ask yourself is why not leverage both in a 100% *integrated* Cloud-Based ERP + Multilingual + Covers EVERY Continent +No Coding Required + and with the BEST PRICE?

Intuitive + Feature-Rich

⚙️ ERP Plus=100% integrated ERP
⚙️ 100% Cloud-Based secured SaaS
⚙️ Zero Coding
⚙️ 13 FULL Languages UI

⚙️ 5 Core integrated ERP modules.
⚙️ Amazing Add-Ons at $0, yes ZERO-COST.
(see current Add-Ons + many more future add-ons
... Roadmap)

⚙️ Future-Proof Platform
⚙️ Real-Time Ops Insights
⚙️ Customer-Friendly Pricing
⚙️ White-Gloves Migration Service Available!
⚙️ Book a Call + let's chat and make it happen for you!
⚙️ Best Price (see Price Comparison)
⚙️ Advanced features not found elsewhere!
⚙️ Ads Management + Online Promotion?We can help!
⚙️ Instantly connect with 5000+ major apps & more!
⚙️ Blockchain Stamped Transactions (coming soon!)
Amazing Add-Ons!
⚙️Comprehensive and versatile solution designed to elevate your organizational efficiency and streamline various facets of business operations.
⚙️Advanced Integrated Functionalities span multi-workspace capabilities, customizable Add-ons ($0 cost to you always!), and a highly user-friendly & intuitive interface, empowering you to tailor your experience to your specific company ERP needs.


  • Every type of business can use it.
  • Zero-learning-curve. Every core feature included.
  • 1-Click import Products, Customers using csv.

5000+... Integrations + ...more!

  • Out-of-the-box advanced enterprise-grade integrations.
  • Zero-Learning in-app Navigation Help!
  • Zapier & custom limitless connectors using webhooks.
  • Innovative multi-workspace feature.
  • Custom Fields. Oh yes & so much more!
  • Highly-flexible 100% cloud-based SaaS.
  • It eliminates your necessity for local complex and costly setups (local-machines AND cloud)
  • It enables you to enjoy effortless scalability.

Payments... Gateways

⚙️ ...Standard

  • USA & Canada
  • Mexico
  • Central America
  • South America
  • EU
  • Non-EU
  • KSA
  • Bahrain
  • GCC
  • Africa
  • Asia
  • BDT
  • RUB
  • India

⚙️ ...Crypto

  • Take Crypto payments using CoinGate.

⚙️ ...Global

  • Cover every major area globally!
  • Use YOUR credentials to invoice & handle any other payment from your clients base. Yes, we've made it that easy for you!
  • And...more Payment Gateways coming in 2024+!
  • (see Add-Ons and Roadmap for more details)


⚙️ ... Design, Build, Deploy + Maintain!

  • A well-thought-out approach to ERP is unique to our platform.
  • It requires little extra effort to learn and get up-to-speed fast.
  • This encourages smoother & much better collaboration, efficient data management, and streamlined processes, resulting in increased productivity and heightened operational efficiency for your business.
  • We can train you and your team!
  • Please Book a Call on our Support page if you're interested.
  • Rapid zero-fuss adoption.
  • 100% Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee (prorated, yearly plans).
  • Solid dedicated eLe AI assistant & human Support with SLA, Roadmap.
  • Active & dedicated Research & Development.

⚙️ Custom Workflow, Webhooks, Zapier & more? Yes!

5Core Main ERP Modules

  • ALL 100% Integrated
  • Starts at US$19/mo
  • 100% Integrated Add-Ons

✨Amazing Add-Ons

  • EVERY Add-On Included
  • Always-On & Costs = US$0
  • "Per-Usage" Costs = $0
  • New Add-Ons Every Month!

✨Customize Your ERP!

Custom Menus? Yes!

ERP Plus click Login ➡️


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