Why Polygon?

"The Internet of Blockchains"

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Near-Zero Gas Fees

  • Support the most widely used Ethereum scaling ecosystem that offers EVM compatibility

  • ...and

  • an ultimate user experience with fast transactions at near-zero gas fees today, not tomorrow or some far-off date in the future.

Evolutionary to Revolutionary

  • Polygon team's implementations as a Layer-2 solution is revolutionary.

  • Seriously we're not kidding. It's that critically important to crypto right now.

  • Known as Matic before, it was mostly a scaling solution (“Layer 2”) for Ethereum until it rebranded to Polygon.

  • The WoW moment...Then, the team developed and entire infrastructure.

  • After the re-branding and launch of the newly-build up Network it became a much more ambitious blockchain interoperability project (like Polkadot and Cosmos).

  • Polygon seeks to broaden the horizons of cryptocurrency adoption by ensuring that transactions are affordable and fast, compatible with a variety of scaling solutions.

Proven Scalability on Ethereum

  • Specifically, using the EVM.

  • Polygon (aka in our case, the "network") is built on Ethereum Layer-2.

  • Specifically Polygon Proof-of-Stake (PoS).

  • Polygon PoS is one of the most used protocols in the world right now.

  • Solidly & sufficiently future-proofed.

  • The network has tens of thousands of dApps, more than 3 million average daily transactions.

  • It has $5 billion in secured assets, and some of the top brands building on it.

  • From its origins as a plasma chain, Polygon has evolved into a multichain powerhouse.

  • It provides developers and creators with the tools they need to build innovative, secure, and scalable blockchain solutions.

  • It has revolutionized how we interact with the world by building on and participating in the Polygon ecosystem.

Q: Is the Polygon Mainnet on EVM?

  • Polygon is an EVM-compatible network.

  • Which means you can use your MetaMask wallet to access dapps on Polygon. You will have the same address.

  • You just need to make sure you have Polygon added as a network in MetaMask, and switch between Ethereum and Polygon as appropriate.

Ethereum Backgrounder

As the second biggest cryptocurrency after Bitcoin, Ethereum is known as “the mother of decentralized applications.” Here are three key Ethereum use-cases:

ZK: Key Operative Word is "Layer-2"

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