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  • See NOTE* below.
  • (platform name will be posted here Q4 2023)

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  • NOTE*
    • "Sale" above strictly refers to, at this time until further notice, to share sales in our company. It does NOT refer to an ICO at this time.
    • i.e. You register your wallet to receive FREE tokens by Airdrop(s) as a goodwill from us by investing in us through the certified RegC platform as listed above.
    • The token count will NOT be a 1-to-1 with any investment.
    • Also, more Airdrops to receive more FREE tokens are separate and require no purchase and are run in a high-frequency throughout the year!
    • In addition to the above, a start date to allow general token swaps in Uniswap will be announced soon after the end our first raise campaign. Get ready!

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