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Our Invest Concept

Important Background Info

Private Equity (PE)

Crowdfunding (RegC)

  • Always DYOR (click on link to learn more)

  • May of 2016, thanks to a new law called Regulation Crowdfunding (RG aka RegC), it became legal for everyone to invest small amounts of money in the startups they believed in.

  • From 1933 to 2016, investing in a private company was illegal unless you were an “accredited investor” (i.e. wealthy).

  • Now, we common folks can invest in small or any company in the investment/RegC space.

  • It's called Crowdfunding.

  • You can participate right now!

  • <-- More Blockchain, Token & Other Pertinent info on left-hand menu.

Invest With Confidence

(A) Private Equity

Super easy PE Investment flow!

  • We communicate with each other to pique interest.

  • ( us for an initial setup using our Support Portal HERE/or click page below (choose Investment | Crowdfunding & send us your message ;-)

🗓️ Book a Call 📞

  • We send you an NDA. You sign NDA.

  • Then, you Register in our Pitch Room (please see below link).

  • You review docs posted there.

  • If you like what you see, we can initiate more steps, give you access to our business plan links to conclude/execute a deal in our Contract Hub.

  • We'll send you docs to e-sign with RON (remote Online Notary) & Blockchain-stamping.

  • We also provide Document Validity Insurance for all executed docs.

    • If you'd like to use this, please let us know before any agreement signing as this fee will need to be paid.

    • We'll send you a payment link and uplon completion, we'll send the contract to sign that will be on the Blockchain WITH Insurance as you indicated. Sample current pricing is given below.

  • (If you want to send your agreement instead, we welcome that and we can execute it in our system with the above security and integrity with insurance on the Blockchain!)

  • We'll review it and process it to signature/execution.

  • You invest.

  • We issue preferred stock & abide by the terms of a Private Equity (PE) investment agreement.

Our Main Pitch Room

NOTE: Backup Pitch Room

  • In case you can't access our main Pitch Room given above.

  • Backup Pitch Room (PRm, requires Registration) HERE.

  • We'll get notification and approve your access request.

  • Login & access it HERE.

(B) RegCF Crowdfunding

1. What is it?

  • Crowdfunding

  • Platform Name

(announced when ready)

  • SEC RegC-compliant investment platform.

  • EDGAR listed & verifiable always.

  • Multiple RegC offering(s)/raise(s) are possible.

  • If & when offered, you can invest in Lisaiceland (DBA) powering Shopzyte (brand)

  • NOTE: Disclaimer: NO investment ICO or STO is being offered by us at this time.

  • NOTE: Disclaimer: There may be a STO/ICO is offered later using other completely different investment vehicles/products which we may announce at our discretion at a later time and depends on the overall Crypto regulations in the jurisdiction of the offering through us our any other entity, e.g. USA, UK, EU, Australia, Asia, EMEA, etc).

  • NOTE: Private Equity (PE) Investors, please contact us directly (see link below: submit a ticket > pick Investment | Crowdfunding and send us any messages for support, contact, issues, etc.)....and yes, we have custom Pitch Room for you!

2. How?

  • Invest through official RegC * Invest * Portal.

  • ...and you register in our Token * Admin * Portal to receive the Token and/or Airdrops.


  • You can sign up for more FREE Airdrops.

  • You can swap later in Uniswap.

  • Easy. Simple.

3. You Get

  • Certified Shares in our project and locked in the RegC platform with full 409a.

  • The number of shares/dollar investment criteria on RegC crowdfunding platform will be announced soon right here.

  • Certified Tokens of PolySky are given to you for FREE before they're listed on Uniswap as a special Airdrop only for investors in our project.

    • NOTE: again to be VERY CLEAR, you are NOT participating in an ICO as such but an investment in our company through the RegC investment.

    • Liquidity Pool info and more is located in our Blockchain Whitepaper.

    • You'll also get even more extra Tokens through the regular multiple Airdrops as an early investor (note this is a separate registration HERE)

    • Intuitive easy-to-understand Tokenomics.

    • We are in a quest to add even more benefits to increase value of our project.

    • Token Burn Events will based on project income.

    • Liquidity Pool boosts will occur before final Uniswap listing.

  • More details in our Whitepaper and investment offering.

  • Enjoy your investment gains in the future.

Invest With Safety

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NOTE: Please be sure to check the Verification of our Token and Blockchain at all times. We pride ourselves to maintain the highest coding, security and checking + verifications standards. Smart Contracts that are NOT security verified by PolyScan or with notices of changes (e.g. constructor) are done by someone other than us on Tokens published. We DO NOT support those contracts! Please contact us for any clarifications at Support page.

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Token PolySky

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