Fighting Fake News!


Blockchain Can Eliminate Fake News


  • Blockchain technology can help news agencies and media outlets to be more efficient and effective in their fight against fake news.

  • Recently, we have been talking to several news agencies and media outlets as they have asked us how the process of news verification and validation could be improved.

  • The current process is based on trust and the manual work of certain individuals who are limited to searching for references and data on news to eliminate those that are of dubious origin or may have been manipulated.

  • In the end, it is a system based on “trust in people,” and all agree that this method is neither efficient (it consumes a lot of time) nor as effective as this matter requires.

Alternative To Current Method

  • As an alternative to the current method of news verification and validation, blockchain technology appears as an effective tool to fight fake news in several ways:

    • Verification and authenticity: this technology can provide a secure and decentralized way to verify the authenticity of information and data used to create news. This means that news published on the blockchain can be verified by anyone, increasing transparency and confidence in the information.

    • Transparency and traceability: by using blockchain to store and share information, the source and history of a particular news can be traced. This allows users to verify the origin and truthfulness of a news, which can help prevent the spread of fake news.

    • Community and validation: blockchain can also be used to create communities of trust that validate the authenticity of information. Users can work together to verify the truthfulness of a news and record it on blockchain, increasing transparency and confidence in the information.

    • We can and indeed add AI to the mix to speed up this process.

    • Incentives and rewards: incentives and rewards can be provided to users who contribute to news verification and validation. For example, users could receive tokens or cryptocurrencies as a reward for providing accurate and verifiable information.

    In this way, blockchain technology can effectively and efficiently help fight against fake news, contributing to the transmission of truthful information.

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