Buyer Agent and Affiliate

Bulk-Buyer. Sales Agent. Affiliate.


Bulk Buyer


Sales Agents

  • Agent Dashboard with Login – Dedicated Area for Agents

  • Agents Shop & Place Orders For Customers

  • Agents Earn Commissions – Advanced Commission Structure

  • Fixed or Percentage Commissions, by Customer / Agent / Product with Conditions (e.g. commission for only the first 10 orders of a customer)

  • Announcements for Publishing Info, News, Posts for Agents

  • Messaging System for Queries & Communication

  • Powerful Admin Backend with Insight into Agents & Earnings

  • Agents can Negotiate, Offer Discounts & Edit Prices

  • Agents can Increase Prices & Get up to 100% Commission on the Difference

  • Agents can Create & Share Coupons

  • Affiliate Links for Registration, Shopping, Products

  • Customers Can Choose or Be Automatically Assigned an Agent at Registration

  • Earnings System with Dashboard, Charts, Reports

  • Payouts System with History, Bonuses, Payout Methods

  • Agents can Manage Orders assigned to them

  • Subagents (Teams) – Agents can Recruit Subagents and Earn Commissions

  • Agents can Create & Share Shopping Carts via Links

  • Pending Payments: Agents Order, Customers Receive Email with Payment Link

  • Email Notifications for Messages, Payouts, Pending Payments, etc.

Features in More Detail

✔ Powerful Agent Dashboard

  • Dashboard with 12 panels (most can be disabled)

  • Panels for announcements, messages, coupons, cart sharing, affiliate links

  • Panels for

    • Customers

    • Orders

    • my team (subagents)

    • Earnings

    • Payouts

    • Profile

  • Overview of

    • Balance

    • latest earnings

    • order stats

    • pending messages

✔ Announcements

  • Admin can send announcements and configure their visibility by group or sales agent(s)

  • Announcements are posts that support formatting

  • Agents can receive announcements by email, based on profile settings

  • Agents view announcements in dashboard


✔ Messages

  • Messages allow admin and agents to easily communicate

  • Both admin and agents can send messages and initiate conversations

  • Messages can be received by email, based on profile settings

  • Conversations can be marked as read, or closed

✔ Coupons

  • Agents can create / delete coupons and define coupon limits

  • Admin can set Maximum available discount by group or by agent

  • Agents can configure usage limits, and expiry dates

  • Agents can configure minimum and maximum spend limits

  • Agents earn commissions when coupons are used


✔ Cart Sharing

  • Agents can add items to cart, and create sharable links

  • Links can be shared with customers, and set the cart when used

  • Agents receive commissions when their links are used

✔ Affiliate Links

  • Agents can share registration, product, and shopping affiliate links

  • When registration links are used, the customer is assigned to the agent

  • When shopping or product links are used, the order and commission is assigned to the agent

  • Customers can choose agent at registration by entering Agent ID

✔ Customer Management

  • Agents can view all their customers in dedicated panel

  • Agents can add new customers. Customers receive login info via email.

  • Agents can view, print, or download agent data (PDF / CSV)

✔ Order Management

  • Agents can view and manage orders assigned to them (optional feature)

  • Agents have backend access only for the specific orders assigned

  • Agents can mark orders as complete, send invoices, etc.

  • Agents can view, print or download order data (PDF / CSV)

✔ Subagents – Teams

  • Agents can add subagents, who receive credentials by email

  • Agents receive commissions for their subagents’ sales

  • List of subagents can be printed or downloaded (PDF / CSV)

✔ Earnings

  • In the dashboard, agents can view their earnings and monthly charts and stats

  • Agents can view both direct earnings, and earnings of subagents

  • Earnings are marked as “Pending” until orders are completed

  • Agents have a Balance, that is reduced when payouts are sent

  • Admin can edit commissions (Earnings) on each order

  • Admin can view each agent’s earnings in the backen

✔ Payouts

  • Admin can enter payouts in the backend

  • Emails regarding payouts are sent to agents

  • Agent balance is reduced when payouts are sent

  • Admin can configure payout methods in settings, and agents choose one

  • Payout history can be viewed at all times by both agent and admin

  • Our system does not send actual money, it only tracks payouts for you.

✔ Agent Groups

  • Organize agents into groups, and set options by group

  • Different commission plans by group

  • Different maximum discount percentage by group

  • Announcement visibility by group

✔ Group Rules (Promotions)

  • Promote agents from one group to another when they reach thresholds

  • Change group based on earnings reached, or total sales reached

  • Group changes are automatic when thresholds are met

Example: An agent can be in the VIP group (10% commission), until they hit $100,000 in earnings, at which point they are moved to the VIP 2 group, where they receive 15% commission.

✔ Shop as Customer Functionality

  • Agents can switch to the customer’s account and add items to cart

  • At checkout, agents can pay, OR choose the “Pending Payment” gateway

  • When agents choose “pending”, customers receive an email notification

  • Customers can click on a single link and go pay for the order

✔ Price Negotiation & Edit Prices in Cart

  • When agents shop for the customer, agents can negotiate / edit prices (optional)

  • Agents can offer discounts depending on “maximum discount percentage”

  • Agents can also increase prices (within limits)

  • When agents increase price, they can get a higher commission (configurable)

Example: You can give agents 100% commission on everything they sell above item price. In that case, if an item price is $1000, and the agent sells it for $1500, they will receive $500 + their regular commission. This provides strong incentives to agents.

✔ Sales Reps as Order Managers

  • We can fully disable the earnings module, and make agents only managers

  • In that case, you can assign each order to an agent, and have them manage it

  • Agents can fully access the order backend (only for their orders)

  • Agents can mark orders as complete, check status, send invoices, etc.

  • Agents can receive the new order email directly (optional via settings)

✔ Complex Commission Structures

  • Fixed amount and Percentage commission rules can be used together

  • Commission rules can apply globally, once per order, by category, or tag

  • Rules can be set globally, by agent, or agent group

  • Rules can be set by customer, or customer category

  • Rules can apply depending on who places the order: agent or customer

  • Thresholds: commission only received in the first X days since registration

  • Thresholds: commission only received for the customer’s first X orders

  • Subagent commissions: agents earn when subagents they referred have sales

  • Admin can edit commissions for each order

  • Commissions can be based on price incl. or excl. tax

Examples of what can be achieved:

  • $10 fixed commission for any order

  • 10% commission on all items, except Nike Shoes, which have 20% commission

  • 25% commission per order, but only when the agent places the order

  • 20% commission when agent places the order, 10% when the customer does

  • 50% commission when customer places the order, for only their first 5 orders

  • 50% commission on customer orders, in the first 100 days after registration

  • 2% commission on subagent sales, but only until they reach $100,000 sold

✔ Special Custom Integrations Completed

  • Organize customers into groups and assign groups to different agents

  • Different commission structures for Core Wholesale System customer groups

  • Register to be a Sales Agent – Automatic or Manual Approval with Review

  • Support for custom configurable fields during registration

  • Manually approve, and assign customers to sales agents during approval



Core Features


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