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Note: Web3

  • You MUST connect your WALLET to log into the system.

  • It's mandatory Web3 security feature.


  • To create an NFT you need to Login and go to the Dashboard.

Choose Wallet

  • You need to first connect to a wallet (Metamask) to start creating an NFT.

  • This section will show your wallet address and its network also here you will be shown that if you are connected or not.

Upload a file:

  • Please choose a file here with this format PNG, GIF, WEBP, MP4 or MP3.

  • You NFT will not be created if it is kept empty.

  • Current limits. Please be aware of these...


  • Max 50 mb.

Name & Description:

  • Give your NFT a suitable name and description.


  • Give your NFT a price.

  • When someone buys your NFT you will get paid to your wallet address.

  • Price unit will be added automatically based on the network you are connected.

Free Minting:

  • Free minting is an option where NFT creators can create NFT without paying a gas fee.

  • NFT will show only on the site but not on the blockchain.

  • When someone buys it he/she will pay the gas fee + NFT price.

  • Buyer will pay gas fees for minting

Unlockable Content:

  • This content will only be visible by the current owner of the NFT.

  • It may contain any secret link or texts.

Advanced options:

  • To add properties to the NFT you need to click Advanced options.

  • Then you can serially add properties name and values into it.

  • NFT single page will show these properties.

Start Minting:

  • Now its time to start minting your NFT.

  • When you click SUBMIT button you will see a popup and there will be some processes before minting an NFT.

  • After that Metamask will open and pay the GAS fee one time and once all other things are okay your NFT is now Minted and put on sale on the marketplace.

  • Now you can view your NFT.

  • Share it or Create a new NFT with the close button.

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