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More About Us📍

Dedicated. Experienced. Ready.
Shopzyte (brand) by Lisaiceland (DBA)
6 Magic Words
"EVERY Feature Included NO Expensive Upsells"

🟢 Marketplace Tools (SaaS)

Our Core Requirement: To drastically lower the entry barrier for new & existing Sellers and entrepreneurs
make it drop-dead simple to use.

  • ERP
    • Projects
    • Accounting
    • HRM
    • POS
    • CRM
    • PLUS...Amazing Add-Ons
  • B2B2C
    • B2B2C Vendor Platform Builder
    • Effortlessly connect with bulk sellers and buyers using our robust B2B platform.
    • Direct B2B Pharma: Includes special workflow features for Pharma Drugs Inventory-Sales Management.
    • B2C
      • Online e-Store Builder
      • Super user-friendly.
      • Seamlessly construct and customize your B2C online store with ease.
    • Delivery
  • eHealth
    • Trials+
    • Doctor Appointment Booking (DAPS)
    • Multi-Hospital Management System (MHMS)
    • PrefCards Management System (PCMS)
    • Audiology+ (IGA)

  • Suite of PLUS Boosts Tools
    • Boost YOUR productivity and enhance your marketing strategies.
    • Google Ads Online Promotion Campaigns/Projects
    • Supply-Chain: Tools to track your products across the globe with Blockchain immutability.
    • Analytics: Tools to access valuable insights.
    • AI: Tools to explore innovative AI Generators and other tools!
    • Blockchain, Token, Whitepaper
    • ...many more! See in PLUS...Boosts section.

  • Built-in Payment Processors: Accept payments conveniently with Stripe, PayPal, and Crypto integrated.
  • Growing Popularity: Despite being relatively new, Shopzyte marketplace Tools have been rapidly gaining popularity.
  • Worldwide Availability: Based in the United States and on global CDNs everywhere, Shopzyte is accessible to businesses across the globe.
  • Free Plan for Beginners: We offer free plans and they are specially-designed for businesses starting their Marketplace journey (aka as an Online Seller, Store).
  • Reliable Customer Support: Count on Shopzyte's (brand-partnered across all our brands) excellent partnered customer support and reliable assistance. See more on our Support page.


  • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).

  • Joint-Marketing using Partnered Brands concept.
  • We. Are. Live.

  • Integrated Blockchain/web3 and AI.
  • We strive to be Responsible Corporate Citizens.
  • Funded it to full post-launch.
  • Seed funding invested in project to take it live.
  • DONE.




  • Partnered development with Lisaiceland as the lead partner organization working with many other teams around the world. Thank You to all our great great folks!
  • We iterate & innovate for SaaS eCom marketplace Platform products & services, Blockchain/Web3, AI, Web3, and push out new builds with new features & ideas.

Solid Deliveries & Support

  • On-Time. On-Budget.
  • NO Financial or Technical Debt.
  • Partnered Delivery of SaaS Products & DFY Services.
  • Partnered Delivery of Support with solid SLA.
  • Partnered with Lisaiceland as the lead partner org.


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