QR Code (rewards)

Redeeming points for a reward by using a QR code is suitable for offline businesses where the staff member (merchant) can use a mobile device with a QR scanner to scan the code on a customer's device.

How does it work

To test this, you can use the Restaurant Demo.

  1. The customer creates an account. This can be done by clicking on the "My Points" menu item and then the "Or create a new account" button. On the demo you can also log in with the credentials customer@example.com / welcome123.

  2. The customer clicks the "Redeem Points" menu item and then the "Redeem" button to select the "QR Code" option.

  3. A QR code shows which can be scanned by a staff member (merchant). Any QR code scanner app can be used for this, it's a link to a secured page in the staff area. In the demo you can log in as a staff member with staff1@example.com / welcome123. Or you can create a new staff member in the admin dashboard. A form like below shows where the staff member can verify the reward to redeem and optionally select segments.

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