zK (zero knowledge)

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  • "We all know that Ethereum needs to scale, and Polygon developers and those who are developing on it, believe that zero-knowledge (ZK) tech is the most promising pathway to get there.

  • But that path has often seemed as if it would be long and winding. The conventional wisdom has been that the crypto space would need many years to develop Layer 2 solutions that could give us both the scalability benefits of ZK proofs and compatibility with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).

  • The vision for a zkEVM with complete EVM-equivalence is simple. Developers seamlessly deploying any Ethereum smart contract to a Layer 2 that scales infinitely using ZK proofs.

  • Any tooling or dApp on Ethereum used in exactly the same way on a zkEVM.

  • Users and developers alike reaping the futuristic benefits of ZK proofs, all while benefiting from the decentralization, security, and familiarity of Ethereum.

  • Introducing Polygon zkEVM, the future of Ethereum scaling.

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