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  • Custom AI Chat with YOUR PDFs.
  • Ask anything for*any* PDF!
    • Medical reference docs
    • ...any other PDFs. It's that easy!
  • Chat in total private mode.
  • NO OpenAI ChatGPT public-data exposure.
👉 e.g. save *any* website as PDF and chat! 👈
  • ChatGPT trained only on data until end-2021.
...but now...
👉 YOU...can ask on the ABSOLUTE LATEST data! 👉
  • In Final Beta Testing.
  • Released soon!

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📍 AI Generate "anything"

Custom AI-generate literally *any* thing.
  • Code
  • Articles
  • Descriptions
  • Ideas
  • Ask ANY question & get an answer!
  • Multi-Language Inputs.
  • Infinite possibilities!

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📍 Your Personal AI "writer"

⚙️ ALL our Generative-AI SaaS have... ⚙️

  • Priority access new upgrades app plans.
  • Full-Powered ChatGPT-4.
  • OpenAI Pro GPT-4 commercial API.
  • Latest LLM embeddings.
  • 2FA for extra security.
  • Faster response times.
  • No peak times bottlenecks.
  • Customizable Text.
  • Multiple Payment Methods.
  • Innovative Technology.
  • i.e. NO peak times bottlenecks.
  • SAAS Model: subscribe to the service.
  • Latest web 3.0 frameworks.
  • In-depth security, monitoring & scalability.
  • Advanced AI Machine Learning.
  • User-Friendly Interface.
  • Fast and Efficient.
  • Cost-Effective.
  • Innovative Technology.
  • Continuously updated.
  • Dedicated Team with Support/SLA.
  • Fully Web + Mobile Responsive.
  • Best pricing as always.
  • Try it completely FREE.

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📍Custom Create AI

  • Build My AI
    • Enjoy up to 50% OFF right now!
    • 100% Done-for-You (aka DFY).
    • We will build your *custom model, app & API* as a software build service.
    • You'll get the Python code for the built AI model. it's yours.
    • Note...
      • Few example AI experiment types (i.e. AI Model) HERE to learn more.
      • Your uploaded test data is ONLY used to train the model and is deleted from our systems after you give the go-ahead to do so.
      • Any live data you enter to predict outcomes or results using your App, Model & API is NEVER saved by us. It's 100% passthrough for your data privacy, including HIPAA though our BAA with Google Cloud.
  • Access your Build My AI project in your own...
  • Upload your AI model testing data in your own...
  • Delivered during US Central (CST) business hours to your project's...
  • Use your AI app to -> *predict outcomes*
    • yup...the fun part!
  • Payment
    • Book a Call with us.
    • We'll setup a Project for you.
    • You pay us in Payments.
    • You upload your test data in Files.
    • We train the AI and deliver your Model, web app and API for YOUR specific data in Resources.
Build My AI

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  • Get a Quote
  • Upload your data
  • We create your custom AI Model, testing and training data.
  • You get a web app to test by uploading LIVE data.
  • You get a ready and secured API to test on *any* mobile/web app.
  • Click on Access tab above and go to your project!

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